Mom's funeral was beautiful - - -  The church was full of love, family, friends and music.   


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Some video's are larger than others and will take longer to load - But are worth the wait!!!  Thanks to Dave and John for shooting the videos and for Jim who compressed them for me. 

Link to Mom's Obituary 

As we all sat with mom at Grand Village a list was started of all the things we remembered about mom/grandma. . .great here to read the list  

The Wake

Katie Ray and Dave sing Amazing Grace

Autumn's Reading from the Wake

Chad's Reading from the Wake

A Celebration of Life  - Donna Murray

The bulletin

Carrie's Memories of Gramma (Carrie's written document)
    link to video of Carrie's Remembrances (longer download)

Responsorial Song - Video On Eagles Wings

The Lector Readings

Prayers of the Faithful - Video (longer download time)

Offertory - Ave Maria Video  and  Video of Grandchildren with flowers (both of these are longer download times)

As the service ends - Somewhere Over the Rainbow video

The Cemetery

Procession of cars video

Pallbearers video

Services at the Cemetery video (longer download time)

Flowers on Casket video

The Reception

Video at Aquinas Hall    and Video of all the beautiful flowers 

Other Tributes to Mom displayed at the funeral
   Ron's Poem
   Cathy's Poem

And still more. . .

Joan's email containing Nick's Poem

Letter dad received from Jim Oberstar

Note from Sharon who volunteered at Mom's "home".

Letter to the Editor of the Grand Rapids Herald Review thanking Grand Village.


And more memories. . .

We all sat around the computer at Terry's singing at Christmas time 2004 - here is our family singing Auld Lang Syne.

Mom singing at Patty's - acapella...slow lead in so have to wait for a bit before you hear her.