A Tribute to Tom Murray

We Love and Miss Him

Tom 2001

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Cathy's Poem to Tom.

Time will be my friend
Slowly ease this pain
Mend my heart again.

Though your words can't be spoken
I will hear you in the wind
the breeze will whisper soft and low
the messages you send.

Though I cannot see you
I will memorize your face
close my eyes, your features
I will trace.

Though you cannot answer
I know that you can hear
all the things I want to tell you
all the love I want to share.

Though you can't come home again
your spirit will forever take
you back up to the Northland
Soaring free on Rainy Lake.

Joan's Pictures
Joan's March, 2002 WDC Trip
Joan's Pictures Ireland March 2002

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Reynaud Community Service Award
Reynaud Award Article

Video and Audio Clips
Video and Audio Clips Page
Tom's Voice & Picture

WDC Trip Pictures
COPS Memorial Page
WDC Pictures Page

Tom and Joan's Family
Picture Pages of Tom
Old Pictures of Tom
Tom at Terry's House, 2001
Tom in Uniform at Docks
Tom with Eagle
Tom and Joan in Calif.

US Customs Section
US Customs Today (Nov 2001)
US Customs Today (Jan 2002)
US Customs Today (April 2002)
US Customs Today (May 2002)

US Customs Page Image from November 5th, 2001
Letter from the Commissioner of Customs
Customs Service with Honor Plaque
Customs Letter "Remembering Tom"
Congressional Record About Tom
US Customs Memorial in WDC
Tom's Name on the Memorial

Insights on Tom by John Sylvest
A Poem Terry Sent Over
A Story Tom Would Like
A Prayer of Tom's
"Road Less Traveled"
Articles from Gramercy About Tom
Nov 1st Article in the Daily Journal
Oct 31st Article in the Daily Journal
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