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Letters to Editor
Thomas M. Murray, 52 10/31/2001
October 31, 2001
U.S. Customs senior inspector Thomas M. Murray, 52, a former International Falls resident, died Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2001, in the line of duty at the Port of Gramercy, in Louisiana.

Inspector Murray lost his life during an examination of the hold of a vessel in which toxic fumes were apparently present. "He died in service to his country, doing what his fellow inspectors and Customs employees across the nation do every single day, at a time when it has never mattered more: protecting America,"said Commissioner Robert C. Bonner.

Inspector Murray was a member of the Customs family for 31 years. He began his career in International Falls in 1970, after serving in the United States Air Force.

He is survived by his family: his wife, Joan and six children; his parents, Jack and Donna Murray of the Falls; two sisters; and five brothers, one of whom also serves as a U.S. Customs inspector.

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