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Tom 2001

Videos Clips

The Movies are reduced quality for the Internet. Everything works except the WDC movies.
(It may be best to "right click" the video buttons and "save-target-as" to your computer)

Summer 2001 Videos

Video: Tom Wishing Dad Happy 80th Video: Six Uncles Wave Video: Matt and Uncles Sing
Tom's Message (365Kbs)
Six Brothers Wave (561Kbs)
Brothers and Matt (1,100 Kbs)
Video: Six Brothers Sing Video: Tom and Jim Joking Around Video: Tom Helps Mom Sing
Six Brothers Sing (1,900 Kbs)
Tom Laughing (198Kbs)
Mom and Tom Singing (504Kbs)
Video: Tom & Joan at Table Video: Tom & Patty at Table Video: Tom on Ter's deck
Tom & Joan at Terry's (664Kbs)
Tom & Patty at Terry's (853Kbs)
Terry's Deck (307Kbs)
Video: Tom Eating Pie Video: Tom in Ter's Livingroom Video: Tom at Larry's
Tom Having Pie (256Kbs)
Terry's Living Room (736Kbs)
Tom at Larry's (532Kbs)

WDC Memorial Videos
(Sorry, not available online. They are too big.)

Video: Customs Memorial Video: COPS Memorial Video: Museums
US Customs Memorial in WDC
COPS Memorial at US Capital
WDC Museums
Video: Bagpipes & Cliffy Video: Whitehouse
Bagpipes and Cliff of Cheers
Whitehouse Visit

Audio Clips

Audio: US Customs Commissioner Audio: 'Last Call' Audio: Tom Wishing Dad Happy 80th Audio: Bush Memorial Speech
Commissioner Bonner (218Kbs)
The "Last Call" (222Kbs)
Tom's Message (207Kbs)
Bush's Full Memorial Speech (1,300Kbs)

Tom Talking

(Press the play button to here Toms Voice)
Tom says "Hello, this is Tom"
Tom says "Hi, this is Tom"
Tom says "Hello, Mom and Dad liked me best"
Tom's happy birthday and thanks to Dad on his 80th birthday.
(This one has background noise)

President Bush's Speech at the 2002 COPS Memorial at the US Capital (1.3 Mbs)
RealPlayer Free Downlaod (7 Megabite download if you want it)

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