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Tom and Joan's Family(2001-spring) Dusty, Tom, Tyler Fishing(1996) Joan's Crew in Gramercy(2001-fall)
Tyler,Joan,Tom,Nick(2001-summer) Tyler and family at Beach(1996) Tyler and family Golf(1996)

Joan at Tyler's Funeral

Eulogy of Tyler by his Brother Nicholas Slie

Song by Jessica Slie Trudeau, Tyler's Sister

Poem Read by Tara Holley, Tyler's Sister

John Sobert Sylvest

Letter and Poem by Jamie Gardner

Rachel Guedry's Tyler Tribute Page

Tyler Obituary at www.legacy.com

Tyler Obituary at www.nola.com

L'Observateur Newspaper Article About Accident

Father Frank Uter

Tom's Tribute Page

Tom & Joan watch Tyler sing(2001) Tyler,Amy,Cristy,Andrew,Peter,Matt,Josh(2001) Josh,Peter,Drew & Tyler(2001)
Tyler picture(2002) Tyler & Dave at Sha Sha Resort(2002) Nick,Tara,Tyler,Jess,Dusty(2002)

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Tyler with Tara,Jessie,Nick & Dusty DustyNickTyler
Tyler & Joan with swim team Tyler & Dusty Confirmation
Tyler at Dusty's Graduation(2003)
Tyler and Logan Thomas

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