Joan at Tyler's Funeral

      I want to thank everyone here today for your love and support. I want to thank my husband Tom for giving me this child. And I want to thank Father God for blessing my life so abundantly with Tyler. This week one of my "adopted children", a friend of Jess, my precious Ananda shared with me a conversation that she had with Ty a few days before he died. She was so gracious to write the conversation down:

Ananda's Last Conversation with Tyler

I haven't had many conversations with Tyler but the last one I had with him this past Tuesday, Jan 20 is one I will never forget. It was different from my other conversations I had had with him. Jess and I called him over to talk about his endeavors with massage school and just to get in touch with him. He eagerly came and sat with us.

He spoke of his hard work with passion; he was more present and self-assured than I had ever seen him. He spoke of his awareness of his natural born gifts and how his massage instructor recognized how she had never had a student who could locate his own pressure pulses in his body. He spoke of how these gifts did not surprise him because of the resources and influences of Joan. He spoke of being the genetic link between all of the siblings of the Murray/Slie family and how he could see parts of each sibling in himself. He was very aware of the full scope of characteristics that he carried. He saw his stubbornness and determination in Tara, his intellect and motivation in Nick his love and compassion in Jessica and his patience and shyness in Dustin. It was a most significant conversation.

I was grateful that night and will forever be grateful for it.

I have put together a slide show so I can share with all of you what a beautiful child Tyler was.

"When I shall meet with those that I have loved, Clasp in my arms the dear ones long removed, and find how faithful Thou to me hast proved, I shall be satisfied." Horatius Bonar

Joan Murray