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Dear Mrs. Joan,

Hi, my name is Casey Cormier. Prior to the funeral we have never met. Tyler and I were pretty close. We dated a few years ago, but we were better friends than anything. Tyler was one of the sweetest people I knew.
At the funeral ya'll said that if we had any stories about Tyler to tell you, well, this is why I am writing. Tyler was always there if I needed him. One night he came over to my house and helped me baby-sit. We just sat around and talked for hours. Tyler was one of those people that you can talk to about anything. That night he told me stories about you and your family. He talked about you guys a lot.
I have lots of memories of Tyler. Years ago a bunch of us would get together at night by Paulina Park and play hide and seek in the can field. We used to have so much fun. We would play for hours.
We used to go to the bowling alley and Tyler would give everyone a light show. He would have everyone stopped from doing what they were doing to watch. He tried teaching me many times how to dance with the glow sticks, but it never worked. I still don't know how.
Of all my memories of Tyler, there are two that stick with me the most. One is when I was pregnant, my boyfriend and I stopped to talk to Tyler and I had a seat belt on. Tyler starting fussing at me, he said that if we were to get in a wreck it would kill the baby. It made me happy that he was so concerned. The other is after my son was born Tyler came to my house to see him. My son looked up at him and smiled. It was like my son knew how good of a person Tyler was right away.
My friend Emily and I would like to make a video of Tyler with a few pictures we have and some video clips. We were looking for a way to say good-bye to Tyler and we have come to the decision that this is how we want to dot it. Before we make the video I thought that it was only right to ask your permission, and if it is all right we would like to give you and your family a copy. I have also bought a cross to put at the site of the accident, but I haven't put it up yet because I don't know how you and your family would feel about it.
Well, I just wanted to share a few memories with you and your family. I would also like to let you know that even though we don't know each other, if you ever need anything you can call me at this number. You will always be in my prayers!


PS Tyler was a great person, you should be very proud. He has made a great impact in my life.
   Casey Cormier
May, 2004




I have been very blessed to know your son Tyler. Even though his time was cut short, I believe he has made me a better person for knowing him. We were never really close in high school, but I was fortunate enough to get to know him and spend time with him before he left us. I can remember when I was really down once, Tyler cheered me up the whole night and told me not to worry. He was always so full of life and energy. Tyler is someone I will never forget. I still can't believe he's gone, but his memory will stay with me forever. I wish the best to you and your family, I just regret taking so long to write this. Rest In Peace Tyler, you will never be forgotten.

Shannon B.
   Shannon B.
April 15, 2004



I received it via e-mail....I think it is just an awesome tribute to you and your very brave family.....have not looked at all of it, but will take my time.... I wanted to tell you how much I have thought about you and your family since Tyler's accident....just cannot get you off of my mind....I keep thinking about how brave you were in Mexico and how much you helped me in renewing our friendship....Nick said to share with you all what I remember about Tyler..well, I remember what a beautiful baby he was and how chubby and scared he was when he came to the office to see us...I remember him growing up and then I did not see him for awhile....then when we had tryouts for Sound of Music....I saw this good looking guy and wished I was years younger...then when I looked closely, I realized it was Tyler....I was so happy to be with him in Sound of Music..he would come into our "Abbey' backstage and eat everything the nuns had brought....Miss Irene,,,,what are you going to bring tomorrow....what do you want Tyler....oh, anything ... you all really can cook...we knew Tyler was not afraid to be in there with us....even when we were onstage, we could depend on Tyler to "watch" the food...of course, there was little left when we got back...but he as a pleasure...then he had to come and get his booster shots for his teen years....well, after I stuck him twice...I said..did that hurt... no...he said...being very tough...then I looked at him and thought...what a dud he must think you are Irene...there he was with an earring in his ear and one in his eyebrow..and I asked if 2 little needle sticks hurt!!! I watched him grow and then lost sight....then I got to see him again...for that I am happy....I know such a void in your life is gone again....I don't know what will fill it....some things are never replaced, but if they are never forgotten then they are never lost....I will pray for you and if you need anything....I am here for dear and long lasting friend....I love you dearly Irene
   Irene Poche
February 01, 2004

Dear Mrs. Joan,
I've been knowing Tyler for about 3 years. When I was always down he would always make me laugh by making funny faces, stupid noises, or just give me a hug. He was a very sweet person. He had a crazy personality too which is a good thing for him. I will miss Tyler because he changed the way I look at myself now. I used to hate myself but because of him I love myself and I'm still alive because of him. He helped me through so many hard times and I'm grateful for it. If you ever need anyone to talk to I'll talk to you because Tyler was there for me and I was there for him now I'm going to be here for you.
Love Always,
Kaylie Jacob
   Kaylie Jacob
March 01, 2004

I would first like to start this letter by expressing that I am truly sorry for the loss your family is suffering. I meet Tyler his senior year of high school through my ex boyfriend Travis Mcclung. We sometimes would chat online. Unfortunately, I never received the chance to get to know him really well.

One memory I often cherish of Tyler is the time we went to the mall. There are always homeless or hungry people standing on the streets around the mall. At that time, I would have never thought to give someone on the street money. Although we told Tyler he was nuts and never to give money to strangers, he insisted on giving the man a few dollars to help him out.

This just shows how caring Tyler was to others needs, even those he did not know. Many of us take what we have for granted. I am extremely thankful for the memorial page that has been set up for his memory. On June 19, 2001, I lost a good friend, Alexis, due to a ruptured aneurysm. She was 16 years old when she left us. Shortly after her death, I created a memorial page in her memory. I never expected many people to view the page. It was more of a way for me to express my feelings while grieving. I never knew it would touch the hearts of those who viewed the web page. In fact, the web page has almost been viewed 50,000 times. I often receive emails from those mourning the loss of a loved one, especially if the one they lost passed at a young age. After Alexis died, we lost many other students from St. Amant, East Ascension, and surrounding schools. I also developed a web page for all of the other Angels. If you would like, I would like to include Tyler's picture on the memorial page. The memorial I created to celebrate Alexis' time with us can be viewed by going to There is a link at the bottom of the page to view All of the Angels. If you would like me to add Tyler to the Web page, please let me know.

I know there is not much I can say to ease the pain you maybe experiencing, but I've learned with your faith in God and the support of loved ones, life's obstacles will be easier to over come. I hope to hear back from you soon.

   Rachel Guedry
March 22, 2004

Dear Mrs. Joan,
This is Mathew Boucvalt, or as Tyler would have mentioned as, Bones. Wow, where do I start? After meeting you, Nick, Dustin and Tyler's sisters Sunday and Monday night; I could finally see where Tyler got his generosity, outgoing personality, intelligence, and endless love. Now I know why Tyler was so special, because of the loving support that he got from his family. he was a well respected man.
I knew Tyler for about six years, which was freshman year. I knew of him since I was about 12 years old, because I used to play baseball against him during All-Stars, but I was never formally introduced until freshmen year through Chris Poche. Since than we were close friends. I have all kinds of pictures from the dances that he came to with us, at SCC. Everyone loved him, when he would come into the dance you would hear people yell, "MURRAY"!
And in would come Tyler with this huge smile on his face. He would say this smooth line like, "What's up fellas." With the ladies, I have never seen someone treat women with the utmost respect and care as Murray did. All of the girls loved him. Nick would be proud, because Murray would always talk about how much his older brother was a ladies man. Which brings to mind, Mrs. Joan, pleas tell Nick this for me. I never had a chance to.
Murray used to always talk about Nick. It was like in a way he wanted himself to be like Nick. I could remember countless times when Murray used to tell me how his brother was awesome. How he too was good with the ladies. The one thing that sticks out the most was the time he went to Ireland to visit him. I could not stress how much fun he had when he went to visit Nick. He would tell me story after story with a shining smile on his face. He loved talking about Nick.
I have so much respect for your son. I can't remember any enemies that he had. To Murray, everyone was his friend. When I was around him, I can honestly say I was a different person for the better. in a way I looked up to Murray. I tried to respect and care for people in the passionate way that he did. he made me a better person. I guess you could say he changed my life.
Murray and I have shared many funny, crazy, sad, touching, adventorous, and memberoable memories together. I do not know if you knew, but me and Murray have the same birthday, AUGUST 9, 1984. Since my Junior year we have gone out or at least me up together for at least 30 minutes to wish each other Happy Birthday. Some of my best birthdays have been spent with him. Through high school we did a lot of things together. From playing on a baseball trournament team to hanging out on the week ends.
When he was up here at LSU he used to come spend time at our apartment often. We used to watch a lot of movies. Murray and I were big movie buffs. My favorite movie happened to be one of his favorite movies, Lord of the Rings. We would quote stuff back and forth about the movies, Oh what good times.
The last time I talked to Murray was December 29, 2003. We had went to eat at Hooters for one of our friends birthday. What we had talked about that night made me feel good, because he finally figured out what he wanted to do. We had talked about him being in Massage Therapy school times before, but he said he wanted to open up his own business this time. he was going to move to Aspen and open up a Massage Therapy place for when people were finished skiing, because they were probably sore. I thought to myself, Murray is going to make millions. Ever since I met Murray I knew he was going to make millions whatever he did. I will never forget how confident I felt about his plans.
How can I say how much respect I have for your son. Like people say you only have 1 or 2 REAL best friends. Well, Murray had several. He was never part of one particular click. Everyone was his click and he was everyone's best friend. I am really going to miss him. I can honestly say he is the first close friend that I have ever lost. Much love was cared for Murray from me and my friends, and likewise from Murray. I am going to keep up my tradition of seeing Murray on my birthday by visiting his grave every August 9. One more thing. When I came home crying Friday afternoon my mom quickly asked me what was wrong. After I told her this horrible tragedy, she did not really come to mind who Murray was. When I told her he spent the night at our house a couple of nights and I played ball with him, she started to tear. She is very emotional, but she remembered how sweet and well-mannered Murray was when he came over. Murray touched a lot of people. I fell that I will keep in touch with you and your family with letters and visits to keep the spirit of Tyler alive in my heart. So please keep in touch.
If you ever need anything no matter how big or how small, please do not hesitate to ask. I am here for you. No matter what it is, you are one of the strongest mothers I have ever met before and I admire that. I am going to leave you with this quote, " All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
The time Murray spent here with us, I feel he know what to do with what time he was given in this little time. he even did it with great enthusiasm!!!!! Well, keep in touch and give the family my sympathy. I will be praying for all of ya'll every night. May God Bless, and good luck with everything. Love, Mathew Boucvalt or as Murray would say "Bones".
   Mathew Boucvalt
February, 2004


Dear Mrs. Joan and family,
I don't know if you remember me. My name is Rene Robichaux, I am Phyllis Robichaux's step daughter and a friend of Tyler's. I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I'm not sure how much comfort that brings you, but I hope this story helps. Most people didn't even know that Tyler and I were friends because we mainly talked every day on the computer. We had a lot of serious, heartfelt conversations, maybe it's easier on the computer because you're not talking face to face. One particular conversation that I'll never forget was about death. Tyler said that before he dies, he wanted to be somebody. I told him he was somebody to me, and he said that that's all he wanted - to be somebody to someone. I wanted to tell you that he did achieve his goal in this life because he was someone very very special to me and to a lot of other people too. I can tell how many lives he touched by hearing all the stories people have of him and all the people who went to his funeral. I think he's achieved his goal a million times over. I know I'll never forget him or the special influence he had on my life. I'm very sorry that I couldn't come down for the services. I really wanted to be there. The first chance I get to come home, I will go visit him and pay my respects. I really did love him very much and I am sorry we had lost touch recently. I do know that he loved you all very much. I hope this story will give you some bit of peace in this time of pain. I wish there was more I could do, please let me know if there is. You all are in my thoughts and my prayers.
Rene Robichaux
   Rene Robichaux
February, 2004


Dear Ms. Joan
Hello! I would like to start off by saying I'm truly sorry for the losses you have had these past couple of years. I did not know Mr. Tom, but I knew Tyler. My name is Sarah (Hobdy) I use to live in Paulina. I've been knowing Tyler for a good 6 years if I'm not mistaken. He was a dear friend of mine. A true friend at that. I'm currently in 11th grade, but my 9th grade year was the year Tyler and myself became closer. I used to date a friend of Tyler's and Tyler use to always come over. And from that I grew close to Tyler even though we were already friends. At the funeral you said you would like to know some stories about Tyler, well I didn't want to write to soon or to late so I'm hoping this is a good time. One Friday 2 years ago Tyler, Blake, sheep and Joel had gone to La Place to visit me and my friend Ashley. and you know Tyler loves to dance. Well we had played some music for him so he danced and he had some glow sticks and all of a sudden in the middle of no where he pointed the glow sticks straight up at the top of his head and said he was bumble bee and we found that to be the funniest thing! Then for prom I was on the limo with them and we decided we were going to go to the Lake Front. Well there were some other people there and Tyler just walked up to them and talked to them like he had know them. Then at Mardi Gras he had befriended an older man who looked as if he was poor, but Tyler didn't hold that past the man. And when that man walked away he had a smile from ear-to-ear.
As if Tyler had made his night. There are many many more stories but there isn't enough paper, but the one I feel you should know is one I hold dear to my heart. It was this past summer. I had been with some "friends' and when it was time for me to go home nobody would bring me, so I called and called and nobody would answer their phones, so I called Tyler and out of everyone he was the only one who cared and he came and picked me up and on the way home he told me, no matter where I was if I ever needed anything he would be there and I thank God so much for giving me the opportunity of knowing him. Well I will say good-bye for now and I hope you enjoyed my few stories. Thanks for taking your time to read this and sorry is so messy!
My Deepest Sympathy,
   Sarah Hobdy
February, 2004


Dear Mrs. Murray,
Hi, my name is Shannon and your son Tyler was a very good friend of mine. he was a wonderful person and everyone who know him loved him very much. I thank God everyday for allowing me to have him in my life, and even though he is no longer here, he will always be in my heart. I have so many good memories about Tyler and if you don't mind I'd like to share them with you.
Tyler always liked to help people. It made him feel really good about himself. One night he invited me to his house in New Orleans. On the way there we stopped at Rite Aid and Tyler got out. As he was walking into the store, a homeless man kept begging for some change. Tyler ignored him and kept on walking. As he was leaving the store he walked over to the man and handed him a $10 bill. When he got back in the car he was glowing. I remember him saying the old man cried when he was handed the money. Tyler was so proud of himself. This time was one of many. It was these little acts of kindness that made Tyler who he was. He cared a lot about people and was always willing to help someone in need. He truly was a saint.
One night he took me and a friend of mine to a bonfire in Lutcher. On the way there, a song called. "Here Without You' came on. Tyler rolled down his window and sand to the top of his lungs. It was so funny. As people passed they would stare and he would just sing louder. He was the most hilarious person I've ever known.
These were few of the many great memories I have of Tyler. I've only known him for about a year but he opened up to me so much. He love to talk about you. He'd invite us over and when you'd come home he'd smile at me and say, "I love my mom, she's the coolest person in the world, you'd really like her." Every time he mentioned you he'd have that same ear-to-ear smile. At Tyler's funeral I finally got a chance to meet you. When you hugged me, It was like I was also getting hugged by him. I had heard so much about you it was like I's known you my whole life. He loved you more than life itself.
Tyler was a very passionate person and he has taught me so much. I will never forget all the wonderful things he's done for me. I love him with all my heart and he is in my thoughts and also my dreams. You are in my prayers Mrs. Murray, and if you ever need someone to talk to I am always here. I know you are going through a really hard time. I also know that talking about the good times you had with him helps to ease the pain. There is no real cure for a broken heart, but always remember that even though he is no longer with us his spirit live on.
I'd like to ask you for a picture of Tyler, because I never got a chance to take one. if you can spare one it would really mean a lot to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you ever want to talk you can call me at-------------------. I'm here when you're ready.
Love Always,
February, 2004


I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to have known Tyler. Like many people have already said, he had an infectious smile. I admired his positive outlook on life. To those who loved him most, I leave this quote: "Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can not heal"
   Hennis Roussel (Lutcher, LA )
February 8, 2004

I met you through Lay and though I didn't know you that well I knew you were very sweet. r.i.p
   Tessa Becnel (St. Amant, LA )
February 6, 2004

I can never consider Tyler as truly being dead, since all my memories of him are full of life. I shall not forget you, Tyler. Forever more will your youthful vigor remain in my thoughts.
   Travis Detillier (Lutcher, LA )
February 5, 2004

I'll never forget you tyler. your kind heart, loving eyes, and warm smile will remain with me forever. R.I.P. "brother"
   Cary Roussel (Lutcher, LA )
February 4, 2004

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels because I lost my mother. I didn't know him really well but I went to school with him and he smiled at me or waved. I can't believe he is gone but he is now looking down on you right now. he was a really sweet person and I will miss him. I am very soryy for your loss.
may god bless all of you
   Elizabeth Carter (Gramercy, LA )
February 4, 2004

Jack, Donna and Family,
Words cannot express the sorrow that I feel for you today. I was so sorry to read of the death of your precious grandson and son. It is a time like this that we grab onto our faith, don't let go and hope it gets us through the day. Just a short 20 months ago we lost our precious 8 year old daughter and I know that words bring you no comfort. Please know that I share your sorrow.
   Eugenia Nagurski Jauma (Tomball, TX )
February 4, 2004

I loved Tyler and still do.I didn't know Tyler all that much but I did know that he was a great person and loved his family very much.I hope you like it up there with your dad and granpa.
   Autumn Murray (Staples, MN )
February 2, 2004

Once again we are reminded of how fragile life is and that God will call us home when he needs us and it could be and will be when we least expect it. I appreciate the memories of Tyler and wish I could of gotten to know him even better. I am glad to have been his Godfather. May the angels lift him up to his home in heaven.
Uncle Ron
   Ron Murray (Staples, MN )
February 2, 2004

I will see you again someday. Give my brother Tom a hug for me!!!
Love, Aunt Cath
   Catherine Murray (Victoria, MN )
February 2, 2004

Nature's first green is Gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf is a flower,
but only so an hour.
So leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day,
And nothing Gold can stay.

Your smile and personality were pure as Gold. You will forever remain in our hearts. Though it saddens me to know that God's plan for you on this earth is complete, it fills me with hope to know that one day we will sing together again. (I'll keep the melody, and you can hold the harmony.)


P.S. If there's a theater in Heaven, hold me a seat...
   Chris Frederic (Lutcher, LA )
February 2, 2004

It seems just like yesterday when I seen you, heard your voice, gave you a big hug, and witnessed that unforgettable smile that you have. But now you're in better company than you could have ever imagined. As I'm typing this you're probably getting fitted for your wings (how cool) something you would say. Words can't come close to express how much we all miss you down here. But we're just a heartbeat away. See you soon Tyler!!!!
   Nicole Duhe (Paulina, LA )
February 2, 2004

My sincere sympathy to each of you as you face this tragedy in your life....your faith and love in God will get you through...we are here for you if you need us and we will pray for you all each day....Take care and know that we love you.
Ray & Irene Poche'
   Irene Poche (Gramercy, LA )
February 1, 2004

Murray... I dunno what to say. I know your probably having way to much fun in heaven to come down and read this crap, so i'll keep it short. I will never forget you man, you just had a style about you that made people laugh and of the best qualities a person could have. If you do read this, throw down a sign sometime to let me know it is up there. I Love you dude... see ya in about 60 years.
   Derin Donaldson (Baton Rouge, LA )
January 29, 2004

Tyler, I've known you since I was very young, I've enjoyed all the years I've gotten to know you better, especially through my older brother and swim team. Every time you came to my house was just as exciting as the next, you always came up with a way to make us laugh...We all have so many memories with you that we will cherish dearly for the rest of our lives. I love you and will miss you dearly...RIP Tyler
   Megan Guidry (Lutcher, LA )
January 28, 2004

Tyler, I don't even know what to say. I am going to miss you so much. We've shared so much with one another, I still have your poems and cute notes you used to leave on my car. They always made me smile. I will miss you and your beautiful smile. I have so many memories of you that I will cherish forever. I know you are looking down on me and protecting me everyday. I love you very much!
My sympathies go out to you Ms. Joan, Nick, and Dustin.
   Layla Becnel (Reserve, LA )
January 28, 2004

Tyler... I really didn't know you that well. I have always thought of you as a funny and smart guy. It was mostly because of you that drama class was any fun at all; you kept it very interesting! You and your family will be in my prayers.
   Stephanie Waggenspack Volion (Walker, LA )
January 27, 2004

well I didnt know tyler that well. we were in drama class together in high school. and he always made the class laugh. he was such a nice guy. and I am very sorry for the families loss. I know what its like to loose someone u love. and im so sorry anyone has to feel that much condolences are with the family.
   steffanie carter volion (denham springs, LA )
January 27, 2004

You will be in my heart forever.
   Amy Kolar (Tequesta, FL )
January 27, 2004

To the Murray Family:

My sincere sympathy for your loss of Tyler. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May you find comfort and strength in God for he is your healer. May God Bless Your Family.
   Cindy Hymel (Gramercy, LA )
January 27, 2004

I only knew Tyler for a few months but what an incredible guy he was!We were in massage school together.He will be remembered as the one always sleeping in the back the class. The one that would always cut up with you and make you laugh. And also as one of our classes babies and we lost both of them way to soon .You will always remain in our hearts forever Tyler We love you and will miss you so much.I am proud of you though you finished school. Thank you for the many days you made me smile and laugh. We were so blessed to have you in our life.My prayers and sympathy go out to his family and friends

Class of 0403D Blue Cliff
Rest In Peace Tyler!!! We Love You!!
   Shannon Holder (Houma, LA )
January 27, 2004

Tyler, I don't even know where to start. I haven't known you as long as some people have but since high school you have always been there for me when I needed someone to talk too or someone to teach me geometry! I could still picture you sitting on my floor drawing pictures until I finally understood even if it took all night. If I had a problem you always had good advice to give. And of course I have to mention the massages...they were great and you were always willing to give them! Another time I'll never forget is when we went sky coastin together in were so calm and well, I was so scared...probably even cut off some circulation in your arm because I was holding on so tight. That's not even the half of it. We've had so many great times together and I will look back and cherish the memories we made forever. I'll Miss You So Much
   Stacey Roussel (Hester, LA )
January 27, 2004

I sit here and I see your face...I hear you laughing...I can see nothing but your smile. You had an amazing smile, the kind that made everyone else around you feel special, and I never told you that but I don't believe it's too late, you can hear me now better than ever! Tyler thank you for your love and friendship and for always making me laugh! I love you. Have fun in heaven!!!
   Ginger Zeringue (Lutcher, LA )
January 27, 2004

Joan, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family through this difficult time in your lives. My family went through much of the same some 20 years ago, please know that we're here for you at any time.
   Arlene Vitrano Waguespack (Gonzales, LA )
January 26, 2004

We're all going to miss you very much man. I'll never forget all the memories we made in school and on the baseball field. R.I.P. Tyler.
   Tyler Teague (Paulina, LA )
January 26, 2004

Tyler you are with your dad now! We will miss your crazy personality! You and your whole family is in my prayers! RIP TYLER
   Kaylie jacob (reserve, LA )
January 26, 2004

All through high school you been there for me. We laughed at each others jokes, you ate live crawfish when my brothers dared you (crazy! haha), we played knee ball in the ditch when you had a broken arm, etc. The memories we had together draw all the way back from kindergarden. I will cherish every memory we shared together and they will hold a special place in my heart. I love you man! R.I.P. Tyler. I pray that you watch over me everyday of my life.
   Travis McClung (Gramercy, LA )
January 26, 2004

We love and miss you very much Tyler. We will always keep you in our prayers.
   Ryan Falgoust (Gramercy, LA )
January 26, 2004

January 26, 2004

I'm so sorry to hear about Tyler's death, if there is anything I can do please let me know.
   Jennifer Louque (Gramercy, LA )
January 26, 2004

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