Jamie Gardner's Letter to Joan

      I'm sure you don't know who I am, but I know you. Well I feel like I do! Tyler always talked about his family to me. We were actually good friends. You raised a very sweet, smart and respectful man! He was Beautiful! At a rough time in my life, I thought I was done. Tyler stuck with me and showed me I wasn't. He wasn't ashamed to be friends with us, I mean us from the "other side of the tracks." He looked beyond all that! I also stuck with him at his rough times. He didn't have too many of those though. He got sad at times. I spoke with Tyler two weeks ago. We talked for a couple of hours about everything and anything. I've been gone for four months now. Tyler actually brought me and my little brother to the airport. I tried to make it to the funeral, but I had financial problems. I know he understands but I was always there for him and vice versa. His heart was filled with love and its thanks to you, you raised him well!! Thank you for giving me a best friend! I have great memories, I'm Sorry.
Jamie Gardner and daughters Sadie, Stevie, and Sunnie Laiche(ages 7,5 and 3).
(Following is the poem Jamie wrote.)

This is the Poem Jamie Gardner Wrote About Tyler

True Friend
I am proud to say Tyler Murray, was a real true friend of mine.
He was definitely one in a million, one of a kind!
He was not ashamed to hang on our side of the tracks.
He liked how we were true, how we watched each other's backs.
He never acted like he had more than us.
If he had, you had! That was a must!
Never wanting any thing in return, except to be honest and true.
Wanting just your friendship, but some of you never got a clue!
He cared more about his friends' happiness, than his own!
He made them feel special! He set them high up on their own throne!
I'm blessed with the memories I have of our past.
Having Tyler as my friend has been a blast!
Tyler also loved his family a lot!
He worried if they were really happy or not!
He got this tattoo of a four-leafed clover over his heart.
He said he chose that to give him luck on his new start!
We made a deal with each other that night.
We were both planning a new start,
our lives were gonna take a different flight!
A week later he took me to my plane,
he hugged me and told me "everything's gonna be okay",
you have nothing more to loose, but everything else to gain!"
We spoke again, about two weeks back.
He called to tell me his life was now on the right track.
We talked for over an hour about everything!
Even about what our future will soon bring!
His future was set!
School was almost out, then he was gonna jet!
Colorado was his goal!
To open his own business and all!
His friends were going to be invited for free.
To get a massage, relax and ski!
He lived each day to keep everyone happy and straight!
He could never understand our selfishness, our hate!
Tyler didn't hang with just one crew.
He had a variety of friends, like me and you and you and you and you.
Tyler was my friend before I fell,
during and after as well!
When everyone else turned their backs on me,
he stayed by my side. He could see something no one else could see.
He knew I was true, he knew I was real.
I just fell and got lost, but he knew the deal.
Tyler had friends that stabbed him in the back.
He could know the truth about them and still wanna take their slack!
He always believed, deep down inside,
those certain friends, didn't mean what they did,
they just needed an extra guide.
So, he guided you.
He stayed by your side, he stayed true.
Our Children were also very important to him.
He loved to do things for them!
He was Uncle Tyler in my girls' eyes.
They knew when he came over they were getting a surprise!
Words could never really say, how Tyler made me feel.
I just know, whatever I did feel, it was real!
We were closer than what people think.
We called it, "on the same mind level, our own special link"
We always knew what each other was thinking before we could say it!
We were great friends, a perfect fit!
Tyler will forever hold a special place in my heart.
He was the one who stopped me from falling apart!
He was my comfort zone.
He would hug me, and I knew I wasn't alone.
His secrets will forever remain safe with me!
His memories though, I will share with glee!

I Will close this poem with:
I love you, I miss you and I thank you for all that you have done!
The time we did have together was memorable and full of fun!

Jamie Gardner, January, 2004

Mrs. Murray, I wanted you to have this to show how loved and respected he was.

I am so proud of Tyler and always knew he was so much like his Father.
Joan Murray